I Want to be Smart

Have you ever wondered if Al Gore is right? Are we really going to have such drastic climate change that the earth is going to destroy us with tidal waves and arctic temperatures? Makes for some pretty spectacular movie images, but are they reality? Personally, I believe we have approached this topic with an either/or attitude rather than a both/and mindset. From a biblical perspective the world came into existence at the instigation and creation of God, and I think the Bible is equally clear that He will be the one to destroy it in order to make a new world. Further, God has made it plain in His Word that he is maintaining this world down to minutest details. But the Bible is equally clear that he left this world in our stewardship.

So, returning to my original question(s), is Al Gore right? I don’t think he is completely accurate because God has not been factored into the equation. But I also don’t think the idea that we have no responsibility because God is taking care of everything is accurate either. I believe we will be judged for our stewardship. So why not recycle? Why not innovate in energy production and usage? Why not develop electric cars? In the short-term, why not keep increasing our fuel efficiency? These are all questions that Regina and I have answered with an affirmation. It is not either Gore is right or ecology doesn’t matter. It is both Gore is wrong and we have responsibility for the stewardship of the earth. And besides this brave new world is cool. If you don’t think so, then check out the pictures on the front page of my website stevenbeardsley.com and tell me that isn’t cool!